Magic camper of the day!

Today we had two stellar campers who certainly earned their spots as Magic campers of the day. Both Isabelle and Sage have consistently worked their lines and truly gone above and beyond to get into their characters. They are not only a tandem on stage but they are a team when they create new things … Continue reading

Magic Campers of the Day!!

Congratulations to Sophia and Samantha our campers of the day! These two girls have impressed us with amazing attitudes and really hard work! Great great job keep it up!!

Magic Camper of the Day!!!

Today we have an awesome magic camper of the day who impressed us every step of the way. From her awesome attitude to her insane knowledge of the play Emma P is totally knocking it out of the part. She has been a leader in music and backstage! We are so proud of her! Congratulations … Continue reading

Magic Camper of the Day!!

We have two really awesome magic campers of the day today! Both of them have been working so hard and doing an awesome job! Robbie has impressed us with her dedication to her part and the way she’s jumped into this play feet first!!! Charlotte W has an amazing attitude and is working super hard … Continue reading

Crunch time!!!!

Music dance and acting come together into a crazy show this week! The kids have lots of work ahead of them but we can’t wait to see the final product!!!!